Research Assistantships

Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University: May 2018-December 2019

As an Assistant Economic Researcher, I assisted in the development of a regional economic resilience index described here. The goal is to implement innovative data sources and measurement techniques, such as social capital, to make some conclusions about the degree to which U.S. counties are resilient to economic shocks. 

Fiscal Research Center, Georgia State University (2003-08) and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (2004-05): 

During my time as an undergraduate and master's level economics student at Georgia State University, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work as a research assistant at the Fiscal Research Center and at the research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which is where my earliest experiences with public finance took shape. 

The following publications are those that I made contributions to while working as a research assistant at these institutions: 

Sjoquist, D., Stavick, J., Wallace, S. (2007) “Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Georgia.” Georgia State University Fiscal Research Center Report No. 141.

Works in which I am cited in acknowledgements as a contributor:

Ertas, N., Kim, J., Matthews, J., Wheeler, S. (2009) "Estimated Costs and Revenues for the Proposed Milton County."

Hotchkiss, J. L. (2005). Do husbands and wives pool their resources? Further evidence. Journal of Human Resources, 40(2), 519-531.

Hotchkiss, J. L., Kaufman, B. E. (2006). The Economics of Labor Markets. United States: Thomson/South-Western.